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The 4 Stages of Negotiation:
The Innovative Negotiation™ Method

Strong negotiation skills are learned in a programmatic and systematic approach which has been field tested with hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals that have participated in sessions. The negotiation process has four stages and 15 Key Principles for success. These principles are taught in a highly interactive, participative environment. The participants learn through review of content, exercises and role plays.

The negotiation process involves a natural progression:
1 Prepare Strategy
2 Engage Partner(s)
3 Negotiate Collaborative Solution, and
4 Agree/Implement

This negotiation process is easy to implement by session participants. Once learned, the process can be instituted across the organization leading to consistent and predictable results.

The ability to influence people through a collaborative process allows for mutual gain for partners in a negotiation. Learning a solutions based collaborative model provides the foundation for successful strategic relationships. The four stages and Key Principles provide crucial tools to enhance the skill levels of your people to attain and exceed organizational goals.